Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Had A Wooden Sword But...

I had a wooden sword but it wooden sword. A wanted a steel sword but steel it wooden sword. If I got a tin sword, then I tin sword.

I got up with the morning doves today and drove the hour from Delavan to Madison for my Tai Chi Sword class. Why is it that Wisconsin has never learned how to build roads? Noisy and bumpy! Couldn't hear Paul Butterfield on the stereo! Anyway, everyone else in class had nice metal swords but I only had my cheap wooden one (at least it was made in China). Did I feel like a little kid with a toy sword? Yes! We learned several new moves but now I have forgotten them completely! Admittedly, I entered the class midway through and we have had holidays and skipped classes, so I haven't had the intensity I really need. I confess I've been watching the W. C. C. Chen video on youtube in order to catch up. As I've said before, you can't really see everything on a video... and this one is blurry! I will get it, but I guess I'm not ready for that metal sword yet.

Carina Cirrincione at Raven Studios in Arizone makes some nice wooden swords (pictured above). Jody (teacher #3) says she thinks they are not balanced properly for Tai Chi. A wooden sword is pretty light, though. I wonder if balance is as crucial as it might be with a heavy metal sword. Well, what do I know?


  1. Try doing Tai Chi with a light saber. Now THAT'S a challenge.

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